Most people wonder how possible it is to have so many bags yet find it hard to pick the right bag for the right outfit or occasion. Below are four types of bags we believe every girl should own. This post will help you know the most important bag to won as a girl.


Quality PU Leather Womens Totes Bag 


These are such a staple. With a tote bag, you don’t have to worry about whether your phone and wallet will fit in one place. These bags are also lifesavers when you go shopping. It serves different purposes and investing in one is a good net on your money.



Nothing speaks versatile and chic as loud as a sling or crossbody bag. Every girl should have at least one for girl’s time out, dates, picnics as this keeps all your essentials in one place and gives you the comfort you need.


 This is definitely a handbag every woman should own. You need a cute bag that saves you when you have a wedding, dinner, or a quick event. A dressy handbag is a girl’s best friend.


Although this might be controversial, a bag pack comes in handy when you have a short trip to make or some strenuous activity but requires you to have your essentials handy. Owning a bag pack saves you a lot of stress and it’s very easy to carry around

That’s it, guys. We hope this helps you when you go shopping for bags next time. You can always visit our store to shop for beautiful and elegant bags made with just you in mind.

Until next time, tell us which of your bags is your favorite right now?