How We Work



Our team in Vancouver, Canada partners with designers, manufacturers and suppliers find pieces that fits our style and company.

We review the quality, making sure it passes our checks before it is added to our collection.

We make a selection based on various factors: the design of the product, its quality, the designer and manufacturer, and more.

We do not currently design the dresses/apparels/outfits ourselves (but, we are in the planning process!).



We take a lot of care to create a website that makes it easy and engaging to shop and find pieces you will love. From website design to product pictures and descriptions, we spend hours and hours making sure we provide a great shopping experience.

Our team is real and we care. We know you’re spending your hard-earned money, so customer service is huge to us! From shopping advice to order support and beyond, we are always here to help you. Our support team is located in Vancouver, Canada.



We prepare your order to ship with care, and provide tracking through delivery.

We ship with an international carrier that ships your order via international cargo flights and offers your order to your local postal service (like FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, OHL, etc.). 



Ordering moderately-priced purses online is a little different than ordering in store or from a higher-end brand that ships with large boxes. Although our artisans, manufacturers and suppliers attempt to package your pieces well, your bag or bag strap may need to settle in – so here are some steps to get you there!



Items that are freshly manufactured (especially machine-made) may have a temporary smell from the coloring/gluing process. After all, it likely went straight from machine and factory to tight packaging! Simply let it air out. It can take a few minutes or few hours depending on the manufacturing process and shipping time.


Our artisans, manufacturers and suppliers attempt to package your items well so that they can maintain as much of the original shape as possible throughout the shipping and delivery process, while balancing costs so we can keep prices affordable with free shipping.


  • Bags: Bags may include inner and outer air pillows and disposable bags and dusters to help keep your bag’s shape and keep it clean. If your bag needs to regain its shape, unpack your items as soon as possible. Feel free to stuff with the existing air pillows or other items to fill in any spaces. Keep upright if the bag is flat.

  • Straps: Detachable straps are often folded within a purse or package. Temporary creases may form where the strap is folded. Unpack straps as soon as possible. Hook your straps to your bag and hang it on a hook or hanger for a few hours or so to straighten out the creases.